With new technology and market development enthusiasm for HbbTV is spreading rapidly around the world, especially with free to air broadcasters and operators. They need to re-evaluate what will keep their viewers thoroughly entertained and ensure their hard earned viewers do not channel surf left or right and drift to the competition.


Creation of a unique bond between advertisers and audience when commercial is aired on TV.
We take care for robust infrastructure that backs up the content delivery and provides the monetisation options for successful business case.
Our solution allows many applications and features to be delivered via Broadcast including sponsorship features, high profile advertising, games and many options for the way a TV programme is viewed using HbbTV.
We also provide a simple way of interaction applications for younger audience with Facebook and Twitter integrations. Other options for
HbbTV applications and monetisation options are under constant development. At the moment we are testing solution for advanced payments through paypal.

Skills involved

  • R&D